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Cecilia Sala


She has worked as a freelance journalist, mainly as foreign correspondent. In 2015 she began working as a correspondent and reporter for Vice, while attending International Economics courses at Bocconi University in Milan; later she began working with Michele Santoro at Servizio pubblico on LA7. Over the years she has collaborated with Vanity Fair, L’Espresso, Rai and Will Media, and has worked in the editorial staff of Otto e mezzo on LA7. From November 2019 she joined the editorial staff of Il Foglio.
In 2020 she publishes on Huffington Post: Polvere, a podcast on the murder of Marta Russo in collaboration with Chiara Lalli. In May 2021 the audio series also becomes a book, “Polvere. Il Caso Marta Russo” (Mondadori, Strade Blu), which she presented as a guest of the Liberevento Cultural Festival 2023 on the occasion of the spring preview Il Maggio Letterario di Liberevento.


  • March 7th, 2021 - 5.00 pm | What can freediving teach? What can we learn from the experience of a man who decides to challenge the laws of nature to understand how far he can go?

  • March 21st 2021 - h 5.00 pm | London, 1870. Thirty-three years have passed since Victoria took the throne, in popular jubilation: an eighteen-year-old not beautiful, but lively, intelligent and above all strong-willed.

  • March 25th 2021, h 5.00 pm | A ghost story starring Dante Alighieri today. For six hundred and ninety-nine years, for one night only, the Eternal Father has made him come down from Paradise to Florence to pay for his exc

  • April 3rd 2021, h 5.00 pm | When one of the cigar makers - the tobacco manufacturers - goes to ask her for help, Clara Simon doesn't know what to do. She is a beautiful girl, with those almond-shaped eyes inherited from